Comyno experts successfully completed numerous cross regional projects in the past years and conducted projects in major areas within the financial services industry such as securities finance, OTC derivatives, risk management etc.:

Investment Bank
Set up and maintenance of Equilend platform (design, specification and implementation of messaging from bank to Equilend and back; hook into Repo and Lending front office system and limit checks, set up and configuration of Equilend GUI)
Clearing House
Business analysis and specification: development and launch of a Central Counterparty (CCP) service for the securities lending market based on Clearings House proven systems and industry leading risk management standards
Investment Bank - Beneficial Owner
Business strategy, design, specification and outsourced software development: Seamless integration of beneficial owners positions and buy/sell transactions into banks front office system. Fully automated process for principle/agency lending (asset allocation, lending limit checking (active and passive), automated re-allocation, short covering etc.)
Investment Bank
SWIFT interface from banks front office system to Clearstreams KAG+ program for full automation of the process
Investment Bank
TriParty Agents - front-to-back process and infrastructure definition and implementation for TriParty Repo business
Investment Bank
Program Management, Project Management (cost and deliverables, scoping for the business) – Acting as the program/project manager for corporates & markets for more than three years. Definition and management of the projects to implement the Securities Finance business model
Investment Bank
Lending CCP Feasibility Study (SecFinex, SIX/SIS, EUROCCP, LCH) -Developed business case based on potential effect on capital attraction, efficiency gains vs. cost of implementation and maintenance. Design and implementation of EurexRepo and BrokerTec repo platform connection (360 messaging infrastructure with position upload, trade execution and maintenance, data flow back to the front office system)
Investment Bank - Sales, Trading & Back-Office
Business analysis, specification, implementation and project management of Java based software solution for the administration of the issuing process of structured products including the creation of extensive documentation required in this area. Further, the process has been extended by a sales module and product database offering the possibility to easily respond to client driven product requests
Investment Bank - Legal & Compliance
Business analysis, implementation and project management of a software tool for documenting, tracking and reporting of legal matters (litigations, regulatory affairs, subpoenas, internal investigations, complaints etc.). Documents related to the matters are stored in a document management system which is also used as a stand-alone system within the Legal department on a global basis
Investment Bank - Legal, Credit & Front-Office
Integration of a central repository to manage master agreements for a range of over-the-counter (OTC) trading operations including OTC derivatives, repo, securities lending and other legal agreements (i.e. ISDA, GiveUp Agreements, Mandate Agreements, Loan Agreements, Tri-Party Agreements, etc.). The system maintains user configurable data on counterparties, jurisdictional legal opinions and agreement data. This data can be evaluated on demand to produce feeds of agreement data to confirmations and collateral management systems as well as netting sets to be fed to credit and financial control functions. Further a Master Agreement Request Workflow has been specified and implemented to track all requests coming from front-office and credit risk. Communication between the various parties involved in master agreement requesting is streamlined and bottlenecks are identified
Insurance - Legal
Business analysis, specification and implementation of a Java and Oracle based system for documenting, tracking and reporting of legal matters (litigations, regulatory affairs, internal investigations, etc.)
Investment Bank - Legal & Back-Office
Implementation and integration of a confirmation system to generate, manage & deliver trade confirmations for OTC derivatives transactions (IRS, CRS, Collars, TwinRates etc.) including interfaces to upstream (trading & legal) and downstream (fax & email) systems

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