Comyno’s C-ONE suite is a software system built to deliver straight-through processing of securities finance business activities.

Increasing efficiency across the entire Securities Finance process and value chain has always been one of the industry’s main challenges, even more so within the fragmented and complex framework of most market participants. Our C-ONE suite addresses many of these challenges. Essentially, it is a highly flexible set of modules that can seamlessly be integrated into existing legacy infrastructure.

Key functionalities

  • Securities lending & repo trading
  • Automated Locates Manager
  • Trade matching, confirmation & allocation
  • Collateral management
  • Inventory & liquidity management
  • Regulatory reporting (SFTR)
  • Allocations & fairness algorithms
  • Standard connectivity to systems & service providers
  • Integrated DLT/blockchain solution

Securities Finance|Securities Finance

Securities Finance|Securities Finance

C-ONE Securities Finance is a front-to-back office solution which at the same time facilitates the interaction to numerous third party service providers such as electronic trading platforms, trade repositories, tri-party collateral agents and CCPs which can be easily expanded in a plug and play manner. Once the first component is established C-ONE can seamlessly be linked to major DLT/Blockchain platforms.

  • C-ONE securities finance suite offers full transparency and control over all business functions, processes and interfaces.
  • Our modern and cost-efficient IT infrastructure covers the increasing regulatory and transparency requirements. A fully traceable reporting and message flow is available to comply with the latest audit requirements.
  • Enables Straight Through Processing for securities finance business.
  • C-ONE securities finance suite offers connectivity through adaptors and interfaces to existing (in-house) systems and third-party service providers such as trading platforms, collateral agents, CCP’s, clearing houses, regulatory agents and trade repositories.
  • A modular design ensures a cost-effective, transparent pricing model.
  • Tailored solutions, web-based trading, settlement and collateral management tools can be specifically created based on client needs.
  • 'Plug & Play' architecture will guarantee perfect connectivity to existing internal and external systems, as well as trading and settlement platforms.
  • A digital platform strategy guarantees a quick response to changing markets, products and regulatory requirements.

Locates Manager

The C-ONE Locate Manager has been developed to provide trading desks with a sophisticated solution to efficiently manage the ever-growing number of locate messages received on a daily basis.
The software pre-processes locate requests originating from multiple sources and displays the messages in a standardised, easy-to-read format, significantly reducing the manual effort involved in responding to locate requests and hence reducing your response time to your counterparties. Coupled with additional functionalities such as automated replies and automated trade booking, an efficient and cost-effective processing of incoming locate requests with minimal manual effort can be achieved.

  • Intelligent, criteria-based filtering of locate request messages allow you to focus on those requests that can actually be filled.
  • Customisable display of the incoming locate requests in a single screen via the C-ONE graphical user interface.
  • Real-time availability check of lendable positions based on pre-defined rulesets.
  • Automated replies to counterparties based on criteria’s defined by you.
  • Automated trade booking via C-ONE’s efficient and reliable interfaces to your in-house systems.



Comyno’s C-ONE Connectivity provides heterogeneity of platforms, enabling communication protocols and infrastructures interoperability.
C-One Connectivity -a dedicated data management platform- imports data from various systems and enables customers to view the data in a clear and concise manner. It effectively serves as a data warehouse hub with the ability to receive and send data. This range of tools/plug-ins give our clients the ability to cover all Securities Finance related topics as efficiently as possible.

Eurex Repo F7 Adapter

Based on Comyno’s sophisticated software framework C-ONE, the Eurex Repo F7 Adapter has been developed to provide participants of the Eurex Repo markets with a cost-effective solution for the connectivity to Eurex Repo’s F7 trading platform and to facilitate pre- and post-trade automation.

  • Out-of-the-box connection to the Eurex Repo markets – Euro Repo, GC Pooling and Triparty Repo - via the dedicated F7 API (AMQP based messaging).
  • Fully automated, configurable quote upload functionality.
  • Out-of-the-box receipt of the post-trade broadcast used by Eurex Repo to report all types of trades executed via F7.
  • Real-time feed of executed trades to your internal systems via C-ONE’s efficient and reliable interfaces.
  • Intelligent, highly-configurable data enrichment and linking capabilities to meet the requirements of any in-house or third party system.
  • Sophisticated administrative and monitoring utilities via the C-ONE graphical user interface.

Regulatory Reporting|Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting|Regulatory Reporting

SFTR Solution

Comyno's C-ONE SFTR Reporting solutions offers reporting for all required details/action types of any concluded, modified or terminated SFT no later than the same working day. Further, with our converter for different trade repositories, a change of trade repository can be achieved immediately.

  • C-ONE combines all the data collection, processing and enrichment functionality required for compliance with SFTR with minimal expense.
  • Translation and normalisation of source data from various protocols into a standard ISO 20022 format as required by ESMA.
  • Coverage of all SFTs.
  • Data Quality Assurance and in-scope instrument validation.
  • Publication of financial data in real-time ensures compliance with the SFTR end of day trade reporting deadline.
  • Configurable notifications provide real-time feedback on rejected reports or error fields, allowing you to take immediate action and avoid fines.
  • The C-ONE graphical user interface provides real-time feedback price and quantity alerts, allowing you to take immediate action, if needed.

C-ONE offers a single platform that can be used not only for SFTR reporting but also for all other reporting requirements globally, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of regulatory reporting.



In 2017 Comyno has opened a new DLT hub in Belgrade.
C-ONE is capable to connect seamlessly to DLT/Blockchain platforms, supporting the current digital market demands. Further, it is ready for the transition of the markets to broader DLT networks where assets will be digitally issued and traded.
Comyno has supported the development of a blockchain-based financial market infrastructure for digital and traditional assets from and for regulated financial entities. It provides real-time custody and settlement in multiple use cases including securities lending, repurchase agreements, derivatives and bond issuance. Read more about SWIAT.